Interior Design - Kolo Klub

Project Description

There is truly something remarkable about restoring turn-of-the-century buildings into twenty first century pristine locations. By pristine, I mean leaving just the right amount of age to the foundation while updating seating and architectural elements. Think exposed brick walls combined with leather lounge chairs or perhaps shiny subway tiles in conjunction with dramatically high hardwood ceilings. Sounds worthy of a visit, right? Indeed it is, as Hoboken’s newest events loft Kolo Klub is ready for your next party or just a night out.

So while we passed the time eating little treats here and there, we also got a chance to take-in the space and décor. To put in simply, we were in awe of the place from floor to ceiling. The floors were hardwood and somehow sported a rustic and renovated feel. The wood columns spaced throughout were pronounced and provided distinction to certain areas of the huge room. The walls were a cool mix of brick and subway tiles which appealed to the eye both texturally and visually. What we most were mesmerized by though was the ceiling. It was made of glistening hardwood and shaped like the inside of a wine barrel so in essence, you felt like you were inside one. It is something you truly have to see to really understand. Last but not least was the one of a kind décor. The blinds were all drawn giving the space an “after hours” feel while circa 1910-1920 photos lined the wall. Shadows of various European words lit up the walls and gave you the feeling you were in Eastern Europe almost a century ago. Again, translating this to words is almost impossible, as seeing it in person is the only way to do it justice. Open and old-fashioned film reels occupied a few areas and without a doubt made us feel like we were in a different era. Jersey Bites